Hello, my name is Sarah

I grow and tend to flowers, hearts, and community… I’m a soulful facilitator who has a thing for flowers.


It all started in a raspberry patch in an vacant lot in the Five Points Neighborhood.

I worked along side the honey bees drawn to the overgrown patch on the corner of Welton St and 25th. This garden set the pace for my days when I lived at the Catholic Worker- and it propelled me to learn more and more about growing food and flowers with and for people.

I have been learning and growing with the Denver community now for 8 years. I continue to let the seasons and nature set the pace for my days. I pull in the knowledge they hold when I am growing and harvesting but also when I am gathering and facilitating.

I became a facilitator in the Circle of Trust Approach in 2017. I work alongside Colorado Center for Courage and Renewal to create a more just and compassionate world- I weave in my experiences of growing and cultivating deeply nourishing food, flowers, and herbs to every Circle I hold.